Don't Gamble,

Take Control

Stay License Compliant & Increase Value

During Your Most Important Software Agreements



Proactive, Control, Savings.


Our License Demand Management platform allows you to get licensing right first time, tackling risk at the heart of the problem.


Requests are reviewed and validated. 

Demand is consolidated and predicted. 

Risk and spend are reduced. 

Contract Lifecycle Optimisation Services

Identify, Forecast, Optimise.


Be it new deals or renewals, our experts, technology, and best practice approach ensures you get the best deal possible. 


Our service will manage your agreement for your organisation to reduce costs, remove risk,

and maximise value.

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Our Vision

Our mission at Astute Licensing is to change the  reactive approach to license management that fails long term, into a proactive one that stops risk permanently.

Our Story

Our platform has been in active development since 2014, created by some of the best minds in the industry who have collectively saved over $1bn in SAM projects.

"We already have a SAM tool"

Traditional SAM tools will always be part of the SAM solution but alone cannot stop the problem. Find out how using Astute Licensing can super charge your existing toolset.


Learn how Astute Licensing has helped our customers save over $1m in just a few months of use, and drastically lowered the risk profile of software in the company.

Licence position  optimisation


Working either with your existing licensing tools or assisting to select and implement new ones, we get the data to help you understand your current license position.


Once we have an effective license position, our licensing experts create optimization plans to get you compliant. 

Spare license



Create cash for your organization by selling your spare Microsoft licenses.


Approved under EU law and by Microsoft, we advise and transact the sale of your spare licenses.


A typical 10,000 user company can expect on average $250,000 from a deal.